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Reporting digital incidents

If you are concerned about the immediate safety of you or someone else, call 111.

There may be times when you want or need to report a digital incident on behalf of a student to get additional support in working towards a resolution and maintaining a positive learning environment.

If a student at your school is impacted or affected by online harm you can come to us for help and advice and school staff can make a report to us on behalf of a student who is experiencing online harm.

You can come straight to the helpline for advice, without having to go through the Responding to Digital Incidents Guide.

You don't need consent from the student to contact us, but it is preferable that consent is given. It’s useful to have the details of the incident ready when you contact us – for example, the details of the situation, the age of the student, if the child is receiving support and if you think they feel supported.

In order to progress a report to Netsafe, our team will ask for:

  • A description and timeline of the incident
  • Copies of the content
  • The URL/website address and/or username/account that has posted the content
  • Names of the individuals involved

Young people often prefer to contact our free text line, so you may consider sharing this with the affected students.

Our trained helpline staff ask some questions so we can understand what’s going on, and then we’ll work with you to create next steps for you.

All communications with our helpline are completely confidential.