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Youth Action Squad

The Netsafe Youth Action Squad is a programme that supports students to spark discussions, plan initiatives, lead activities and enact positive change around the online safety issues that affect them most.

How to start a squad

YAS is for young people who care about the online safety and wellbeing of their peers. By forming a squad of your own, you can help educate other students about online issues and challenges in a fun, relevant way, and also provide support and guidance when needed.

Start your own squad
  • Get a helpful teacher on board

  • Find members to
join your squad

  • Decide how your
squad will work

  • Plan your first YAS event



YAS leaders can create activities and events to educate their peers about some of the most common areas of online harm for young people, such as bullying, nudes and sexting, social media, pornography, privacy and gaming.


YAS leaders can use their knowledge to guide people who may be experiencing an online issue towards the right information and tools.


YAS members can listen and build trust with their peers and act as a bridge between them and school staff.