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COMING SOON!!! Primary School Competition

To celebrate the launch of Hector's World (our all-new online safety programme for primary schools and kura) we're running a nationwide competition in Term 3 with some great prizes up for grabs!


The Competition

To celebrate and promote the come-back of Hector's World in 2024, we're offering primary schools and kura the opportunity to have fun, learn about online safety and potentially win some great prizes for their school!

What's involved?

To recognise the different preferences, strengths and capabilities of students across Years 1 to 6 there will be a couple of different ways to participate and engage in the competition.


  • Student entry: Year 0-3 Poetry
  • Student entry: Year 0-3 Art
  • Student entry: Year 4-6 Poetry
  • Student entry: Year 4-6 Art
  • Class entry: All Years - Classroom Display

Student entries can be completed by individuals, pairs or small groups. Class entries are made on behalf of the entire class.

How to prepare

Further information on the categories, entry requirements and prizes will be available in Term 3.

For now, if you think you'd like to participate in the competition all you need to do is to plan some time between week 3 and week 10 of term for your class to work on their submissions. As a minimum this will require watching an episode of Hector's World (at least one) and inviting students to either:

  • Write a poem conveying an important online safety message
  • Design a poster communicating an important online safety message

Or, working together as a class to create a classroom wall display about online safety, somehow incorporating Hector's World into the display.

Useful links

Hector's World is an animated series of 7 episodes created for ākonga is Year 0 - 6. Throughout the series we follow Hector and his friends as they navigate the digital seas, discover online spaces and learn valuable lessons along the way. The series will be supported by a range of materials including lesson plans, classroom activities and take-home activity sheets. The Planning Pack is designed to support you in planning how to integrate Hector's World into your classroom from Term 2 onwards.

Episode 1 "Hector's World' with supporting lesson plan and classroom activities for Years 0-3.

Episode 1 "Hector's World' with supporting lesson plan and classroom activities for Years 4-6.