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Unlock valuable tools and resources for schools with Netsafe Kete. Join now to access essential online safety support tailored for educators.

Seamless resource library

Say goodbye to endless internet searching and broken links! Inside the hub you can search for tools for schools depending on your role.

If you’re looking for classroom resources, you can browse by category and by year group, with new and updated resources on our main subjects available for each stage of your students’ journey through school.

Easy lesson planning

All resources have QR codes so you can easily share direct links with students or colleagues, saving on paper and making it easy to link to resources directly from your school’s classroom lesson platform or presentation software.

Interactive and innovative materials

Netsafe now has an in-house learning product development team who will continue to build new materials on subjects that will help you deliver the curriculum as well as your wider student safety and behaviour guidance.

From interactive digital magazines and stories, to puzzles, games, videos and more micro learning modules, we can’t wait to hear what you want us to build next!

Self-assessment tool

Use our interactive self-assessment tool – based on the Netsafe Educator Framework – to help you assess strengths and potential priority areas relating to online safety and digital citizenship across all areas of the school eco-system.

The tool will give you suggested actions for how to improve in each area and you can compile these steps into an easy-to-download report and action plan to share with colleagues or Trustees.